What's in Microsoft Office 365 for You?

Whether you have 5 or 500 people working for you, Microsoft Office 365 is something that can provide undeniable benefits. This is an online subscription service that offers cost savings and useful tools for your workers. Being Internet-based, the software can be accessed by your employees practically anywhere and everywhere using any device, with you remaining in control.

If you've heard about Microsoft Office 365 but haven't had the chance to study its handy features, here they are:

Email and Calendar

As an employer, it is important for you to remain up-to-date with certain things, like important events and your employees' schedules. If you're using office 365 email you can have access to such kind of information anytime and anywhere you need it. This cloud application also simplifies scheduling by giving you a side-by-side view of your schedule and that of a colleague or employee. For each user, a Microsoft Outlook-compatible mailbox is provided. Of course, with Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 is fully equipped with security features.

Office Web Applications

Mail office 365 web applications serve as "aids" to your MS Word, Powerpoint, and Excel and OneNote. It lets you store and edit all your documents in one convenient place on your Internet browser. It's even possible for you to edit documents in real time with a colleague or employee. Your files will be accessible to you from any logged on device, and everyone will be able to view them in one consistent format.

Sharing and Collaboration

Because different employees will be expected to use different computers, usually mobile, and sometimes in various locations, it's important that everyone will be able to share things like documents, contacts, calendars, and the rest. This is exactly one of the most useful features of Microsoft Office 365. You will be able to store files of any size on a password-secured site, and you can also gain access to those files from any mobile device via SharePoint. You can even make your own website and add such functionalities as inventory, customer record management, etc.

IM (Instant Messaging) and Web Meetings

Any successful business thrives on its people being able to easily and constantly communicate with each other. You can make this possible using Microsoft Office, which comes with such features as IM or instant messaging, chat, and even meetings on the cloud. Presentations are even possible through desktop sharing and/or with the use of online whiteboards.

The good thing about Microsoft Office 365 is that it is affordable, with monthly costs depending on how many people will be using the application. Indeed, for all the benefits it offers, using this software can be a wise option for your business. Not only does it come with a variety of useful features. It is also cost-smart.